Our Story

We are a team of 40+ years of experience providing above & beyond customer experience in data integration and analytics services for various business in Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare & Finance. 

At iSoft Analytics we understands that business growth cannot be achieved with technology alone. Its tightly integrated with people, process, culture and we help collaborate these together to develop the most beneficial solutions to transform &  improve your organization performance. We strongly believe in continuous improvement & customer engagement is the success factor for this rapidly changing market dynamics. 

Our Vision

We help organizations provide the strategies to understandable data-driven answers to pressing business and research questions by drawing on better data insights. 


Our goal is to provide you the visibility to problems with supporting facts / data insights and depict the strategy to mitigate the same and ensure that every dollar spent on running the business is done wisely!


Our solution can connect to hetrogenous data sources and is platform independent

Our solution sits on top of any ERP , CRM or Legacy systems and can be easily configured to pre built supply chain templates 

Easy to configure with mobile friendly capabilities 


How it works


  • Predictive capabilities to enhance your demand & supply planning management

  • Easy/ Simple visualization to spot any red flags


  • Microsoft Power Bi engine with great processing and User experience

  • In memory process provides best results 

The Business Times

"The smartest product
in the market"


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